Virogin bags $120M Series D+ to support the development of oncolytic virus candidates
Sarina Yang ·2 months ago

Virogin Biotech, an oncolytic virus specialist based in Shanghai, has secured $120 million in a Series D+ round to support its clinical programs of oncolytic virus and the mRNA technology platform. The fund will also help the construction of its global R&D and manufacturing center.

The Series D+ round was led by China Life Equity Investment, followed by Shenzhen Capital Group, China Securities Investment and GF Qianhe. Existing Shareholders Pan Lin Capital and Linden Asset Group continue to make additional investments. BMD Capital continues to act as the exclusive financial advisor for this round of financing.

In the past year, Virogin has completed three rounds of funding totaled over $260 million. Just four months ago, Virogin completed $80M in a Series D round.

Virogin's first oncolytic virus product, VG161, now is in phase I clinical trials in China and Australia. Based on the TTDR technology oncolytic virus platform, Virogin has developed a new series of oncolytic virus products coded VG200s, of which VG201 will submit its IND in China and the United States in 2021. Several innovative oncolytic drugs in the pipeline will enter clinical phase in 2022, including VG301, the first oncolytic products with bi-specific antibody in the world, according to Virogin’s statement.

Besides oncolytic virus products, Virogin also started to set up its mRNA technology platform in 2021, and develop mRNA therapeutic products based on various nanoparticle delivery vehicles such as LNP.

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