Brii Bio's cocktail therapy shows protection against Omicron BA.2; EPI Genic, CARsgen, ETERN
Elise Mak · 05/10/2022
Brii Biosciences said its long-acting COVID-19 neutralizing antibody therapy retains neutralizing activity against the Omicron BA.2 SARS-CoV-2 subvariant. More news from EPI Genic, CARsgen, ETERN.
Cyan Vaccine closes $47M Series A to develop next-gen COVID-19 vaccine; Everest, Remegen, Junshi - News of the day
Elise Mak · 01/27/2022
Cyan Vaccine has completed an RMB300 million Series A financing round to support the clinical trials of a second-generation COVID-19 vaccine. More news from Everest Medicines, Remegen and Junshi.
Clover's vaccine 67% effective against COVID-19, booster trial ongoing; Gloria, ETERN, Iregene - News of the day
Elise Mak · 01/24/2022
Clover Biopharmaceuticals is conducting trials to evaluate its COVID-19 vaccine candidate, SCB-2019 (CpG 1018/Alum), as a universal COVID-19 booster vaccine.
Everest gains global rights to oral COVID-19 drugs; REC Bio - News of the day
Elise Mak · 01/14/2022
After securing COVID-19 vaccines from Providence Therapeutics, Everest Medicines now gets hold of oral drugs for the coronavirus to shore up its COVID portfolio. More news from REC Bio.
Brii Bio’s COVID treatment approved in China, Omicron data to come in two weeks
Elise Mak · 12/09/2021
Brii Biosciences’ amubarvimab/romlusevimab combination became the first COVID-19 neutralizing antibody therapy approved in China to treat adults and teenagers as young as 12. The company is now testing its combination therapy against Omicron, with results expected within two weeks.
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