Innovent’s setback warns peers prioritizing pricing not good tactic in the US
PharmaDJ · 02/11/2022
Chinese drugmakers are warned to communicate more with the agency, adhere to ICH principles and weigh less on competitive pricing in the aftermath of Innovent’s setback.
Hansoh’s siRNA therapeutics deals stand out in October
Minhua Chu · 11/19/2021
Chinese drugmakers struck 14 licensing deals in October with five of them exceeding $100 million. Hansoh Pharma announced two big deals worth nearly $2 billion in total to mark its foray into siRNA therapeutics.
September sees the most licensing deals of the year so far
Minhua Chu · 10/28/2021
Among the 22 deals Chinese drugmakers closed in September, 14 were worth $2.566 billion. Everest Medicines and Innovent Biologics dominated the dealmaking space with deals worth $1.06 billion and $529 million, respectively, representing 62% of the total value of all disclosed deals.
Chinese cancer drugmakers win more approvals than ever but their focus too narrow, regulators say
Minhua Chu · 10/13/2021
For the first time, Chinese drugmakers have won more approvals for cancer drugs than their foreign peers, but drug development is too concentrated in oncology and certain targets, regulators said at two recent conferences.
J.P. Morgan’s Ren: Chinese drugmakers may start global acquisitions
Elise Mak · 10/08/2021
Tony Ren, J.P. Morgan’s new head of Greater China Healthcare Research, predicts that Chinese drugmakers will make more out-licensing deals, generate revenue on the global market, and even start acquiring their foreign peers, he told PharmaDJ.
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