LTZ Therapeutics bags $17M in Series Pre-A to advance immunotherapies; Harbour BioMed, Everest Medicines, ASK Pharm
Elise Mak · 04/07/2022
LTZ Therapeutics, with operations in China, the U.S. and Germany, has closed a $17 million Series Pre-A round to develop immunotherapies to treat patients with cancer and other diseases. More news from Harbour BioMed, Everest Medicines, ASK Pharm, Abbvie, Antengene and BeiGene.
ExoRNA Bio completes angel round to develop third-gen RNAi drugs; Everest, HanBio, Luzhu - News of the day
Elise Mak · 02/07/2022
RNA specialist ExoRNA Bio has completed an angel round to raise dozens of millions of yuan to support its R&D and manufacturing of nucleic acid drugs for neurological disorders and anti-viral infectious diseases. More news from Everest Medicines, HanBio Therapeutics, Luzhu Biotech, Genmedicn, Chineo, Otovia Therapeutics, Kangrui Bio, Xbiome and Dizal Pharma.
Cyan Vaccine closes $47M Series A to develop next-gen COVID-19 vaccine; Everest, Remegen, Junshi - News of the day
Elise Mak · 01/27/2022
Cyan Vaccine has completed an RMB300 million Series A financing round to support the clinical trials of a second-generation COVID-19 vaccine. More news from Everest Medicines, Remegen and Junshi.
September sees the most licensing deals of the year so far
Minhua Chu · 10/28/2021
Among the 22 deals Chinese drugmakers closed in September, 14 were worth $2.566 billion. Everest Medicines and Innovent Biologics dominated the dealmaking space with deals worth $1.06 billion and $529 million, respectively, representing 62% of the total value of all disclosed deals.
Partnership with Providence “immediately establishes Everest as a major mRNA player in Asia,” says Woo
Elise Mak · 09/16/2021
Everest Medicines is the latest to join the course by tapping the mRNA technology, an area that Chinese players are flocking to.
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