Chinese regulators clarify factors for picking drugs for reimbursements
Sarina Yang · 06/27/2022
Chinese regulators have shared their considerations on selecting drugs for inclusion in state medical insurance, which should give drugmakers food for thought in terms of their strategy.
China’s NRDL explained: 67 new drugs, 62% price cut, 80% success rate and $47,000 annual cap
Minhua Chu · 01/04/2022
The Dec. 10 update of the list included 67 branded drugs with no generic versions for the first time. On average, prices were cut by 61.7% — the biggest since 2017.
China’s latest NRDL excludes foreign PD-1/L1 drugs
Elise Mak · 12/03/2021
Chinese regulators on Friday released the latest National Reimbursement Drug List (NRDL) to reveal which drugs will be reimbursed in the country’s health care system starting January next year. PD-1/L1 drugs from multinational players are excluded from the list this time.
China Regulations Tracker: Jan 2021
Minhua Chu · 07/19/2021
Biosimiars will be included in VBP.
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