Biotech winter in China set to adjust valuation and prompt consolidation
Elise Mak · 07/04/2022
After two years of a biotech frenzy in China, entrepreneurs and investors need a cool head to stay afloat and be pragmatic to survive a frosty season.
At ASCO 2022, Chinese biotech firms deliver rosy data on PD-(L)1, cell therapy
Elise Mak · 06/23/2022
Companies such as Henlius, OriCell, CStone, Gracell and Junshi presented clinical data from their PD-(L)1, cell therapy and other candidates. Henlius impresses with ES-SCLC data, Junshi boasts BTLA-targeted drug and OriCell flaunts GPRC5D-directed CAR-T
Pharma giants turn to incubators to tap Chinese innovation and hatch startup stars
Xu Weijia · 06/13/2022
Shanghai seems to be where pharma giants are concentrating their efforts to find the next top biotech star. Johnson & Johnson, Boehringer Ingelheim, Roche, Eli Lilly, Merck and AstraZeneca have all launched initiatives to incubate or accelerate Chinese biotech startups.
Elixiron dives into IFNγ and CSF-1R with pathway-centric approach
Elise Mak · 06/09/2022
Elixiron aims to tackle multiple therapeutic areas by looking into pathways to identify targets that hold promise.
How Shanghai kept clinical trials going during lockdown
Donglei · 06/06/2022
Clinical trial researchers in Shanghai not only avoided clinical trial delays but also found ways to initiate new trials during a full-scale lockdown for two months.
Tavotek aims to lead in multispecific biologics with homing concept
Elise Mak · 06/02/2022
Tavotek Biotherapeutics wants to take the lead in multispecific biologic therapeutics to tackle hard-to-treat tumors through its homing concept in early drug discovery and three R&D platforms to drive discovery and development.
China’s COVID-19 drug development gains momentum but requires regulatory changes
Donglei · 05/30/2022
At least 11 Chinese drugmakers are known to be developing a COVID-19 oral drug, but experts believe that regulators will need to look at phase III trials differently to approve a long-awaited homegrown COVID-19 pill
Chinese securities regulators lay out audit pathway for U.S. listings
Elise Mak · 05/12/2022
China has laid out the pathway to resolve auditing disputes with the U.S. but some bottom lines are drawn, lawyer says
Chugai’s defeat in patent linkage case spotlights invalidation proceedings
Elise Mak · 05/09/2022
Lawyer says actions of drug originators in the invalidation proceedings will set precedent for patent linkage cases in Chinese courts
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