A growing number of drugmakers in China are on a quest to treat NASH
Minhua Chu · 12/01/2022
Currently, 30 potential NASH drugs are in clinical studies in China, another eight candidates have submitted IND applications while six have already been greenlighted.
Not so kind: Kind Pharmaceuticals faces FibroGen’s legal wrath for allegedly stealing anemia drug IP
Minhua Chu · 11/25/2022
On November 14, FibroGen filed a federal lawsuit in California alleging that two of its former employees stole its anemia treatment work and established company in China to develop me-too drugs and apply for patents.
IPF presents big opportunities and challenges for China drugmakers
Danni Yin · 11/17/2022
Nearly 20 products have undergone IPF clinical research in China. Roche's RG6354, FibroGen’s pamrevlumab, and Boehringer Ingelheim’s BI 1015550 have entered phase III clinical trials.
CanSino: Making the world’s first inhaled COVID-19 vaccine
Minhua Chu · 11/11/2022
Chunlin Xin, Vice President of External Collaboration at CanSino Biologics, told PharmaDJ that “using the adenovirus type 5 vector may be the reason why we succeeded with making the world first inhaled COVID-19 vaccine.”
HEC barred from selling linagliptin products following patent ruling
· 11/07/2022
In September, the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) once again ruled against HEC group in a recent patent infringement case with Boehringer Ingelheim over Boehringer’s self-developed drug Trajenta (linagliptin). The ruling has further affirmed Boehringer’s patent rights.
Crisis or opportunity? Biotech companies are at a crossroads in the stock market
PharmaDJ · 10/24/2022
Since early 2022, biopharma stocks on the Hong Kong Exchange (HKEX) have experienced a sharp tumble. We interviewed three seasoned investors who nevertheless remain optimistic about the industry’s prospects.
Brii’s CNS Head: BRII-296 has potential to change the treatment of postpartum depression
Minhua Chu · 10/21/2022
Aleksandar Skuban, Brii Bio’s Head of Central Nervous System (CNS) Disease Therapy Area, believes that BRII-296 has potential to provide a more appealing, convenient and less stigama treatment option for postpartum depression (PPD) patients.
Singapore is becoming a hotspot for Chinese drugmakers looking to go public
Xu Weijia · 10/13/2022
Lower IPO requirements and a hospitable stock exchange are making Singapore a new hotspot for Chinese biotechs looking to go public.
iCamuno has developed three platforms that will boost efficiency in iPSC differentiation
Danni Yin · 10/10/2022
Immunotherapy specialist iCamuno is looking to make big strides in cancer treatment with its three groundbreaking new platforms and a clinical-grade cell bank.
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