YZY Biopharma closes $30M Series Pre-C to support bispecific antibodies and COVID vaccine; Zhiyi Biotech, HEP Pharma
Elise Mak · 07/04/2022
YZY Biopharma, of Wuhan, raised RMB200 million ($30 million) in Series Pre-C round to advance its bispecific antibodies and COVID vaccine candidates. More news from Zhiyi Biotech, HEP Pharma.
NK CellTech closes Series A to raise over $15M; Triastek
Elise Mak · 07/01/2022
Shanghai startup NK CellTech closed a Series A round to raise over RMB100 million ($15 million) to help it advance its NK cell therapy pipeline and R&D. More news from Triastek.
Shanghai Rongsheng Biotech files for STAR listing to raise $187M; Winsunny, Allist, Akeso
Elise Mak · 06/30/2022
Vaccine developer Shanghai Rongsheng Biotech filed for an IPO with Shanghai's STAR board to raise over RMB1.25 billion ($186.7 million) with Essence Securities as its sponsor. More news from Winsunny, Allist, Akeso.
Luzhu seeks IPO in Hong Kong to support herpes zoster vaccine and adalimumab biosimilar; Visum, Henlius, GenFleet, Bayer, Hengrui
Elise Mak · 06/29/2022
Backed by CICC, Beijing Luzhu Biotechnology filed for an IPO in Hong Kong with plans to spend 40% of the proceeds on LZ901, a herpes zoster vaccine candidate. More news from Visum, Henlius, GenFleet, Bayer, Hengrui.
Amgen taps Fosun to commercialise Otezla and Parsabiv in China; Luzhu, LaNova, ImmuneOnco, Clover
Elise Mak · 06/28/2022
Amgen announced a partnership with Fosun Pharma to commercialize Otezla and Parsabiv in mainland China. More news from BMS, Luzhu, LaNova, ImmuneOnco, Clover.
Westlake raises over $15M in Series A+ to advance red blood cell therapy; Genor, Abogen, Bayer, Innovent
Elise Mak · 06/27/2022
Westlake Therapeutics, an Hangzhou-based biotech company that focuses on red blood cell (RBC)-based therapy, has closed its Series A+ funding led by Efung Capital to raise over RMB100 million ($15 million). More news from Genor, Abogen, Bayer, Innovent.
Sino Biopharm acquires F-star Therapeutics for $161M to tap bispecifics; Huadong, Sunshine Guojian
Elise Mak · 06/24/2022
Sino Biopharmaceuticals' subsidiary invoX Pharma acquired Nasdaq-listed biotech firm F-star Therapeutics for $161 million cash at $7.12 per share, as part of the effort to help the Chinese pharma giant dive deep in bispecifics in immunotherapy.
AI drug developer Helixon raises $74M in Series A; Merck, Qilu
Elise Mak · 06/23/2022
Beijing-based startup Helixon netted nearly RMB500 million ($74 million) in Series A round to lay the groundwork for AI drug discovery.
JD Biotech closes Series pre-A round to advance CAR-NK cell therapy; Neurophth, Teligene, Zelgen
Elise Mak · 06/22/2022
Beijing-based startup JD Biotech said it raised dozens of millions of yuan in Series Pre-A funding to advance its first CAR-NK cell therapy JDC06 into clinical trials. More news from Neurophth, Teligene, Zelgen.
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