Kintor Pharma announces it has met its primary endpoint in a phase II clinical study for KX-826 in China; Innovent Biologics, InnoBM Pharmaceuticals
Sarina Yang · 12/02/2022
Kintor Pharma announced the results of a phase II clinical trial of pyrilutamide (KX-826) for treating adult female androgenetic alopecia (AGA). More news from Innovent Biologics, InnoBM Pharmaceuticals.
Boan Biotech files IPO application with HKEX
Sarina Yang · 12/01/2022
The Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) announced that it has accepted an IPO application from Boan Biotech.
Fosun subsidiary Gland Pharma to acquire Cenexi
Sarina Yang · 11/30/2022
Fosun Pharma announced yesterday that its subsidiary Gland Pharma intend to acquire Cenexi Group, a European CDMO company, for a consideration not exceeding EUR 210 million.
Full-Life Technologies acquires Focus-X for $245 million; Trinomab, Polymed Biopharmaceuticals, Pediatrix Therapeutics, CSL Vifor
Danni Yin · 11/29/2022
Full-Life Technologies announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire Focus-X Therapeutics to expand its radiopharmaceuticals pipeline.
Sirona Biochem partners with Wanbang Biopharmaceuticals for diabetes treatment; Fosun Kite
Sarina Yang · 11/28/2022
Sirona Biochem announced that it has signed an expanded international agreement with Wanbang Biopharmaceuticals to collaborate on licensing TFC-039, Sirona’s SGLT2 inhibitor, for treating both animals and humans. More news from Fosun Kite.
ADC drug discovery companies PrimeLink and Xiling Lab close financing rounds; Hengrui Pharma, Blueprint Medicines, CStone
Sarina Yang · 11/25/2022
PrimeLink and Xiling Lab, two ADC drug discovery companies, have just closed financing rounds. More news from Hengrui Pharma, Blueprint Medicines, CStone.
ViroTech secures a strategic investment of RMB 100 million from NKY Medical; Angalbio, BeyondSpring, Ascletis Pharma, Frontier Biotechnologies
Danni Yin · 11/24/2022
ViroTech Pharmaceutical has received a strategic investment of RMB 100 million from NKY Medical. NKY will hold 10.42% of ViroTech’s shares after the investment is completed.
JS InnoPharm and Strategia integrate global R&D operations in a new venture; NOVAST Laboratories
Sarina Yang · 11/23/2022
JS InnoPharm announced today that it inked an agreement with Strategia Holdings to found JSI Ventures (JSV), a Boston-based company that will integrate the companies’ R&D efforts. More news from NOVAST Laboratories.
Umoja Biopharma and IASO Biotherapeutics announce research collaboration to bring off-the-shelf therapies to hematological malignancies; Harbour BioMed, Dragonfly Therapeutics
Sarina Yang · 11/22/2022
Umoja Biopharma and IASO Biotherapeutics announced that they have entered a research agreement to evaluate Umoja’s iCIL platform with IASO’s chimeric antigen receptors (CARs). More news from Harbour BioMed, Dragonfly Therapeutics.
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