China Biotech Fundraising Tracker: Apr 2021

China Biotech Fundraising Tracker: Apr 2021

Writer: Minhua Chu

Editor: Justin Fischer

After a strong showing in March, financing for drug development companies in China saw a slight cooldown in April. Of the total 22 venture capital investement deals, 19 were publicly disclosed, reaching a total value of $5.88 million.

The overwhelming success of two new COVID-19 mRNA vaccines from BioNtech & Pfizer and Moderna has spurred a rise in share prices of related companies. Investors are now pursuing even more mRNA companies for investment opportunities.

Following on these successes, three Chinese mRNA biotech companies received financing support: Aibo Biological Technology, RNAimmune and BDgene Technology.

Aibo Biological Technology's mRNA COVID-19 vaccine enters phase III trials

Founded in early 2019, Aibo Bio specializes in mRNA drugs and vaccines. According to China National Radio's (CNR) website, the company is jointly developing ARCoV, its COVID-19 mRNA vaccine, with the Academy of Military Medical Sciences (AMMS) of the PLA Academy of Military Science and Walvax Biotechnology. The vaccine's phase II clinical trials are nearing completion and it is expected to start global MRCT (Multi Regional Clinical Trials Center) phase III trials in the near future.

Aibo received an investment of 150 million RMB ($23.46 million) in Series A financing in November 2020. Less than a year later, it received 600 million RMB ($93.82 million) in Series B financing in April this year. 11 very well prominent investment funds participating in.

RNAimmune plans to submit an IND application in the US for its mRNA COVID-19 vaccine

Spun off from Sirnaomics, RNAimmune was established in early 2020. It specializes in the development of mRNA therapeutics and vaccine products. This month,  the company received  $10 million in seed funding. Sirnaomics is a biopharmaceutical specialising in RNA interference drugs (RNAi), which is also related to RNA.

This year, RNAimmune is preparing an Investigational New Drug (IND) application to the US FDA for its COVID-19 mRNA vaccine. The vaccine has been developed to treat South African strains and other variants.

The Maryland-based company is also actively developing oncology vaccines and has established a research and development center on the International Bio-Island in Guangzhou, China. It just closed an initial seed funding round of $2.35 million last August.

RNAimmune is actively advancing its RAS oncology vaccine program with proprietary intellectual property and is accelerating preclinical pharmacodynamic validation of the program through a collaboration with UCLA. The company also has a research center on the International Bio-Island in Guangzhou, China.

BDgene Technology focuses on mRNA delivery technologies

Founded in 2018, BDgene Technology is dedicated to developing novel mRNA delivery technologies. It has and received 60 million RMB ($9.38 million) in Series A financing.

Using its core virus-like particle (VLP) mRNA delivery technology, Bdgene has developed a VLP mRNA vaccine candidate against COVID-19, and has already published animal data.

In addition, BDgene has developed gene therapies based on its mRNA delivery and gene editing platform for the treatment of diabetic macular degeneration, wet age-related macular degeneration (wAMD), and inherited hematopoietic disorders. They are currently in the preclinical development stage.

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