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Except as otherwise stated by PharmaDJ, all products, works, software, programs, technologies, forms, data and other information (collectively referred to as "products", including but not limited to: texts, icons, pictures, photos, audios, videos, graphics, color combinations, layout, trademarks, trade names, domain names, etc.) and all related intellectual property rights (including but not limited to copyright, trademark rights, patent rights and/or trade secrets) involved in online or offline products or activities organized, operated and/or managed by PharmaDJ (including but not limited to: websites (such as [] ), APP, mini programs, WeChat public account, WeChat group, books, periodicals, special reports, articles, conferences, forums, lectures and/or seminars) are owned by PharmaDJ, or in a situation where PharmaDJ has a complete and appropriate license to use such works and their intellectual property rights. Any organization or individual, without the written consent and authorization of PharmaDJ, must not copy, reprint, extract, photograph, record, modify, reverse-engineer, link, mirror or otherwise use, display, disseminate, or squat the above products, and thereby Infringe the intellectual property rights of the above products.


Organizations and individuals who have obtained the written consent and authorization of PharmaDJ shall use the authorized product within the scope of the authorization (including but not limited to: authorized product, purpose of use, region, method, and period), and shall mark the source as PharmaDJ.


For all the works whose source is not PharmaDJ, the purpose of PharmaDJ to use, display and disseminate the works is only to convey information. It does not mean that PharmaDJ agrees with the opinions or prove the authenticity and compliance of the contents. Any other organization or individual who needs to use the works must obtain the legal written authorization of the original intellectual property owner and bear all legal responsibilities. It is forbidden to use the name of PharmaDJ to reproduce the works without authorization, or to misuse the name of PharmaDJ to publish information.

For non-compliance with this statement and/or other infringement violations, the PharmaDJ reserves the right to pursue the violator’s legal liability.

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